International Orthopaedics

"International Orthopaedics", an Official Journal of SICOT, publishes original papers from all over the world. The articles deal with clinical orthopaedic surgery or basic research directly connected with orthopaedic surgery. International Orthopaedics will also link all the members of SICOT by means of an insert that will be concerned with SICOT matters. 

Finally, it is expected that news and information regarding all aspects of orthopaedic surgery, including meetings, panels, instructional courses, etc. will be brought to the attention of the readers.

Manuscripts submitted for publication must contain a statement to the effect that all human studies have been approved by the appropriate ethics committee and have therefore been performed in accordance with the ethical standards laid down in the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki. It should also be stated clearly in the text that all persons gave their informed consent prior to their inclusion in the study. Details that might disclose the identity of the subjects under study should be omitted.

Reports of animal experiments must state that the "Principles of laboratory animal care" (NIH publication No. 85-23, revised 1985) were followed, as well as specific national laws (e.g. the current version of the German Law on the Protection of Animals) where applicable.

The editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements. The author will be held responsible for false statements or for failure to fulfil the above-mentioned requirements.

Once accepted, manuscripts will be published in English. As soon as the proofs have been accepted by the author(s) the accepted articles appear on Online First, the online Journal, well before print publication. These articles are searchable and citable by their DOI, thus making International Orthopaedics the journal with the shortest publication time. To submit manuscripts online, please go to: (opens in new window)



Editorial Board

Marius M. Scarlat (France) 

Editors Emeriti
Jean-Pierre Courpied (France)
Marko Pecina (Croatia)

Deputy Editors
Jacques Henri Caton (France)
Patricia Fucs (Brazil)
Andrew Quaile (UK)
Andreas Mavrogenis (Greece)

Associate Editors
Vane Antolic (Slovenia)
S. Mohamed Awais (Pakistan)
Thami Benzakour (Morocco)
Marko Bumbasirevic (Serbia)
Wei Chen (China)
Francesco Falez (Italy)
Maurice Hinsenkamp (Belgium)
Albert van Kampen (Netherlands)
Elizaveta Kon (Italy)
Karl Knahr (Austria)
Luis Lopez-Duran Stern (Spain)
Cyril Mauffrey (USA)
Maximilian Rudert (Germany)
Hatem G. Said (Egypt)

Editorial Secretary SICOT
Ahmed Abdelazeem (Egypt) 

Chairman of Publications and Communications Committee
Jacques Henri Caton (France)

Regional Offices
- Europe:
M. Bumbasirevic (Serbia)
A. Van Kampen (Netherlands)
- North America
C. Mauffrey (USA)
J.P. Waddell (Canada)
- Latin and South America
P. Fucs (Brazil)
- Asia
M.S. Awais (Pakistan)
W. Chen (China)
- Africa and Middle East
T. Benzakour (Morocco)
H.G. Said (Egypt)

Corresponding Members
A. Abalo (Togo)
B. Allende (Argentina)
R. Alvarez (Cuba)
Ch. Bahrs (Germany)
J. Bartonicek (Czech Republic)
G. Bonilla (Columbia)
M. Boyle (New Zealand)
J. Cardier (Venezuela)
A.H. Chamseddine (Lebanon)
F. Da Rin (Italy)
D. Dejour (France)
I.H. Dilogo (Indonesia)
I. Eren (Turkey)
A. Ferreira (France)
F. Fonseca (Portugal)
M. Fortina (Italy)
J.S. Franco (Brazil)
J. Gary (USA)
P.E . Gelber (Spain)
J. Geurts (Switzerland)
G. Giddins (UK)
J.S. Gould (USA)
E. Goncharov (Russia)
G. Gross (Germany)
E. Guerado (Spain)
M. Hake (USA)
A.J. Hall (UK)
M. Hamadouche (France)
M. Haspl (Croatia)
V. Havlas (Czech Republic)
P. Hernigou (France)
L.A. Holzer (Austria)
Y. Homma (Japan)







Z. Hou (China)
T. Ibrahim (Qatar)
E. Itoi (Japan)
A. Iziguirre (Mexico)
A.K. Jain (India)
A. Johari (India)
V. Khanduja (UK)
M. Knobbe (Germany)
M. Kokavec (Slovakia)
P. Laumonerie (France)
G.S. Lausten (Denmark)
L.P.H. Leenen (Netherlands)
I.J. Leslie (UK)
N. Limpaphayom (Thailand)
Y. Lin (China)
P. Liu (China)
M. Lipina (Russia)
P. Lubiatowski (Poland)
K. Luk (HK)
A. Makela (Finland)
T. Makinen (Finland)
P. Mansat (France)
B. Mavcic (Slovenia)
J.M.S. Medina (Denmark)
R. Monreal  (Peru)
E. Montanez (Spain)
A. Moshiri (Iran)
S. Nikose (India)
M. Niculescu (Romania)
F.C.S. Nogueira (Brazil)
C. Pailthorpe (UK)
G. Panangopoulos (Greece)
K. Pap (Hungary)
R. Inigo Pavlovich (Mexico)
D. Perugia (Italy)
A. Planes (France)
D. Poenaru (Romania)
A.E. Pour (USA)
M.B. Rashed (Lybia)
P.M. Rommens (Germany)
P. Sadoghi (Austria)
K.H. Salem (Egypt)
M.S. Samer (UK)
F. Sayegh (Greece)
T. Schepers (Netherlands)
W. Schneider (Austria)
F. Schuind (Belgium)
P.  Slullitel (Argentina)
J. Stucinskas (Lithuania)
M. Synder (Poland)
M. Szendroi (Hungary)
T. Trc (Czech Republic)
A. Toluse (Nigeria)
G. Tregonning (New Zealand)
T. Tsuboyama (Japan)
H.J.L. van der Heide (Netherlands)
C. van Loon (Netherlands)
A. van Noort (Netherlands)
G. Volpin (Israel)
S. Vukicevic (Croatia)
J.P. Waddell (Canada)
J. Wergzyn (France)
J.D. Werthel (France)
R. Windhager (Austria)
T. Wright (USA)
C. Wurnig (Austria)
A. Zazgyva (Romania)
V. Zdravkovic (Switzerland)
B.A. Zelle (USA)
W. Zhang (China)
Z. Zhang (China)
J. Zhao (China)
M. Zimlitski (Georgia)

SICOT Executive Committee
President: John Dormans (USA)
President Elect: Ashok Johari (India)
Past President: Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran (India)
Secretary General: James Patterson Waddell (Canada)
Treasurer: Philippe Hernigou (France)
1st Vice President: José Sergio Franco (Brazil)